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Our Candles are Better for You

We make our candles with the environment in mind. So, say goodbye to unsustainable processing, toxic ingredients, and black paraffin smoke. Say hello to non-GMO, plant-based candles defined by multi-layered fragrances.

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Our Candles are Better for Earth

Feel good about your purchase. We obtain the best, most responsibly sourced, quality products on the planet. Then we create our own candle wax called AromaWax®, and handcraft every candle. There is no candle that performs better or burns cleaner than ours.

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Our Candles are Naturally Unique

This isn’t your ordinary candle! We spent decades perfecting a better wax to create the ultimate candle. Not only is our wax exclusive and completely natural, we are also the only place on the planet that you can get these candles. 

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Now you can stop spending too much on candles that don't deliver the way they should, lose their smell, burn unevenly, and that can compromise your health. Not only will you have the best performing candle with the cleanest wax money can buy, they'll smell better for longer and actually help the Earth.

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