About Us

A Message From Our Founder

Unique Nature Candles Owner, Dan Cap


What is your passion?

My passion is simple; I want you to enjoy LIFE. Why? Because you deserve it! We all deserve it, just by virtue of being alive. I definitely enjoy life, including all its ups and downs and appreciate all its aspects. I have enjoyed amazing experiences, many of which have been accompanied by intoxicating fragrances, fragrances that when I smell them again bring me to wonderful places.

I share your passion for candles and mind-blowing complex fragrances. When I was about ten years old, I begged Mom for a candle making kit and obsessed about what kind of candles to make and what fragrances to add.

That obsession still burns strong in me to this day. Just ask my very VERY patient team. As a result, we have created fragrances in a new kind of candle that is different and unique, to offer you something awesome and special.

We are also a company that works to inspire you to enjoy LIFE. Even though we may not personally know you, you are more to us than a customer; we are all part of one family, you are our fellow Human Being, and we look forward to inspiring you!

Thanks and Enjoy,