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Unique Nature Candles Are Not Your Ordinary Candles

We've Built a Better Candle

Our formulations are science-driven and ethically made to burn cleaner for a healthier home


We are your ultimate source of the best, healthiest candles on the market. At Unique Nature, we see a better way to produce candles that are beneficial to both people and the environment. That's why we went through decades of rigorous development to create a better candle for you.

Unique Nature candles are made with our proprietary AromaWax® and contain only the best ingredients for people and Earth. From fragrance to design, sourcing to consumption, Unique Nature Candles are better for you, better for Earth, and naturally unique!

Unique Nature Candles are 100% natural, non-gmo, petroleum free, clean burning
Unique Nature Candles are sustainable, biodegradable, toxin free, made from plants
Unique Nature Candles are recycle friendly, minimal processing, responsibly sourced, no partially hydrogenated oils

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